About Dazuld

From possessions to experiences.

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About myself

Hey, I’m Miten Shah.

I come from a family that has been in the Diamond and Jewelry Business for 4 generations.

My inspiration to start Dazuld came from asking two questions: “Why is it that classy, charismatic & confident women wait to be given jewelry?” and “How does the jewelry industry stay relevant in a world that is shifting from possessions to experiences?”

In a world where women can do anything, why would she wait to be given jewelry? Yes we know, good quality jewelry can be expensive but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it to yourself.

That’s when my team and I came up with a solution, that allows you to have stylish jewelry that takes your breath away every month, for a month. Without costing you a fortune or taking up any time from your busy schedule.

Our goal is that you explore, experiment, and express yourself through our jewelry subscription.

DAZULD Where you can have it all!

This is our first PR article written by Ondernemen in Antwerpen: https://www.ondernemeninantwerpen.be/nieuws/innovatie-de-antwerpse-juwelensector-elke-maand-een-nieuw-juweel