€29.25 a month - €351 for a year subscription.

Every month you get a new piece of jewelry and you send the previous one back.

Customized and curated choice according to your style and preferences.

Every month you get a choice of either one pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or a broach.

Choose 1 of these 4, and you will get to use it for a month. (Choose 3 pieces to use for a month)

At the end of the month, choose a different piece to wear the next month.


In case you lose or damage the jewelry … it happens … this will be covered by the insurance fee at the start of the subscription.

In case you fall in love with a piece, and you want to buy it … great … you will get a good deal directly from the jeweler.

In case you want to keep a piece a little longer … sure why not … you can.

In case you want to stop the subscription before the year runs out … you never know … you can get your money for the balance months back in full.

In case you have any more questions … shoot … email me.