Available internship


Marketing & Communications

Strategy & Execution

Who is Dazuld?

Dazuld is innovative startup, within the fashion & retail industry. Our goal is to make women feel confident and to express themselves through jewelry.

Dazuld sells jewelry subscription. The idea is that, the customer will get an amazing piece of jewelry for a month, every month. For 29 Euros per month for a piece that retails at 900 Euros.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Market Research Segmentation of Market

  • Go to Market Strategy

  • Execute the Go to Market Strategy.

  • Learn from input and do again.

  • Speed will be key, and only way of learning is by doing.

  • We want mind set and desire to experiment.

  • We believe only way to learn is by trying.

Research and action areas:

  • Understand the segment of market that has a problem we are solving.

  • Develop and create a brand identity and branding of a startup.

  • Research trends as well as buzzy topics on a worldwide basis.

  • Budget & implement tactics to drive growth on social media

The Ideal Team:

Someone who has the guts to try, to fail, to learn and to improve.

Contact details:

If you are up for the challenge email us with your CV and motivation letter at mbs@dazuld.com

For more insight of our company check out our Facebook and Instagram @ Dazuld